21 APR 2017: Avalon Waterways is expanding its Active Discovery on the Danube cruises to include two new Active Discovery on the Rhine departures. Travellers have the opportunity to bike, hike and explore their way through Europe.

“We’ve found that more and more of our passengers love the idea of an active, fitness element to these cruises,” says Stéphanie Bishop of Avalon Waterways’ Canadian office.

“These new nine-day cruises – between Amsterdam and Frankfurt – offer a whole menu of fun, active and engaging shore excursions.”

They include biking along the Rhine River, a running tour of Amsterdam or hikes along beautiful trails.

Other  excursions include a culinary tour or painting class, touring an extinct volcano or visiting a coal mine, and participation in a re-enactment of the Roman games - complete with costumes!
Each of the activities is optional – and can be combined just as you want with Avalon’s classic, complimentary tours at each port of call where the focus is on local culture, customs and history.  
For 2018, Avalon Waterways will be bringing back its Active Discovery on the Danube cruises (9 days between Budapest, Hungary and Linz, Austria) which include opportunities to bike, hike, and canoe along the Danube River.

Passengers have the chance to learn some of the local language and then try it out in a café or pub. Explore an ice cave, take an archery lesson, descend into an underground salt mine...or ascend a mountain during a guided climb. Conduct an orchestra, compose a waltz, play nine holes of golf or help a farmer in his apricot orchard.  
“We’ve taken a whole new approach on these tours and have injected some great fun into the European river cruise experience,” says Bishop. “They’re a wonderful way to visit Europe in a different, experiential way – and are a great way to get to know your fellow passengers and make new friends.”

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