20 MAR 2017: The 'spectator free' event kicked off on Sunday at the secluded Cobbler's Beach at the Sydney Harbour National Park.  More than 1,000 swimmers stripped off for the fifth annual Sydney Skinny ocean swim.

Australian neurosurgeon Charlie Teo, World Champion surfer Layne Beachley and Author and Founder Nigel Marsh joined a record 1,335 swimmers from around Australia.

The 'naked ocean swim that's not about nudity' offers 300 or 900 metre courses and is not a race, nor is it about being seen nude, organizers say.

The skinny dippers don't strip off until they are on the sand and are handed out sarongs to cover up with as soon as they exit the water.

'Every single body is welcome,' Beachley recently told 9Honey. 'I encourage everyone to jump in the water and feel, not only the freedom of being nude, but also the healing qualities of immersing yourself in nature.'

The swim raises money for charity partners, Foundation for Parks and Wildlife and Cure Brain Cancer Foundation.

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