17 MAR 2017: Ireland’s largest car rental company Europcar surveyed a sample of their clients in 2016 to determine where tourists were coming from and what they were looking for in an Irish vacation. They learned that more than half of those who participated in the survey have visited the island in the North Atlantic more than once and most visitors consider hotel accommodations good value for their money.

The 2016 Europcar Tourism Index was conducted between April and November 2016. There were 6,094 car rental clients who participated in the survey.

More than half (57%) of the tourists have vacationed in Ireland more than once, with a third (37%) visiting for the first time.

European visitors to Ireland are mostly from within the UK (23%) followed by 5% from Germany and 4% from France.

Canada accounts for 4% of the visitors with the US representing 17%.

Two thirds of tourists book hotels for their stay in Ireland with more than half using guesthouses and B&Bs.  Less than half (47%) stay with friends and family.

The typical amount spent for hotel accommodations was between €101($143)  and €200 ($287) per night and 71% of those surveyed described their hotels as good value for their money and 83% of respondents rated hotel staff as friendly.

When visiting Ireland the most popular destination was the western coastal route, the Wild Atlantic Way which Europcar states on their website, “is the crown jewel of Irish tourism at the moment. Those who took part in the survey wholeheartedly agreed as 98% of tourists would rate the Wild Atlantic Way tourist trail as the most scenically beautiful region in Ireland.”

Enthusiasm for trying Guinness was also high, with 77% of tourists having a taste on their vacation.

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