17 MAR 2017: Dan Olsen is the owner of Railtown Café in Vancouver who recently made an error in judgment. In anticipation of St Patrick’s Day he posted a photo of a pint of Guinness on the pub’s Facebook page.  That wouldn’t normally stir up any kind of trouble, but it did. The glass of Guinness was poured poorly, with foam coming down the side of the glass and Olsen learned quickly that you don’t mess with Guinness.

Irish people displayed their dismay in language that Olsen referred to as “colourful.”

Olson told CBC’s As It Happens host Carol Off that one comment was that ”Jesus wept when he saw our pint of Guinness."

The Irish Independent newspaper called the episode sacrilege.  The Irish Mirror declared that it caused “Irish people everywhere to grimace in disgust."

Olsen acknowledged the pathetic pour of the Irish dry stout, and said he wanted to make it up to the Irish people he may have offended. So anyone who comes into his pub on St Patrick’s Day will get a free pint of Guinness and a shot of Jameson whiskey.

Guinness reps in Ireland apparently inspect pubs to see that their brew is poured properly, and they will pull their stock from any pub that doesn’t do it right.

There's a two-stage method of pouring each glass it needs to settle and a neat crown of foam that’s just higher than the rim of the glass tells the drinker he’s getting all the beer he paid for.

Never, never is it served spilling down the side!

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