17 MAR 2017: Sirens wailing, lights flashing, our motorcade of black vans surrounded by an escort of motorcycle police pulled up to a high-security laboratory in Miami where a deep secret has been kept for more than two years.  Now Celebrity Cruises was finally ready to reveal what it is confident will be the most dramatic change in ship design in decades.

Celebrity Edge is not only a way of saying the new ship, due in the fall of 2018, is at the cutting edge of design and technology. It’s a statement that being on board will put you at the edge of the sea and destinations that you’re visiting, said Richard Fain, chairman of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., which owns Celebrity.

The all-star design team beamed as they said they were given free hands to innovate and nobody could say no without researching every way to make it happen.
The result, as we will see, is a cruise ship design like nothing that’s come before.

Here’s he first official look at the ship that will open a new era when it arrives in the fall of 2018:

Read it in The Cruisington Times:



Wallace Immen

Wallace Immen is executive editor of our cruise partner The Cruisington Times and a well-known and much respected writer. 

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