04 JUN 2014: Dreams, regulars know, aren’t just about the gorgeous scenery, they’re also about the details, details frankly that I take for granted in AMresorts, and Dreams Los Cabos Suites Golf Resort and Spa is no different, it is right on the top of my list of favourites.

Yes, I’m still in Los Cabos! Some of you have requested more information, as you aren’t familiar with this area. It is hot but not humid, so all your clients who complain about sticky heat will enjoy it. The other thing you need to tell all your clients is that there are very few places where it is safe to swim in the ocean. Dreams is not one of them, which is why they have two heated pools, and a nice lap pool with a slide at one end. However, at 10am each day a member of the animation team takes guests to a swimmable beach.

This Dreams is pretty much non-smoking and that includes around the pools.

Dreams welcomes everyone, of every age, singles, honeymooners, families, grandparents, same sex couples, in fact, only the family dog is not welcome. And people sure know they’re welcome because the staff all smile and say “it’s a pleasure.”

I was surprised to see a lot of adults without kids in tow, but after a few days I understood why. There are adult’s only restaurants, an adult’s only pool, and lots of places you don’t see or hear the little darlings.

We watched a couple having a quiet peaceful holiday in the adult’s pool. They were there every morning, moved to have lunch in the patio restaurant beside the pool, then right back to the pool. On the fourth day, they said, “See ya later, we have to go gather up the kids.”

I was astonished “ Kids? “ The kids love the kid’s club, so we don’t see them till bedtime (9am-10pm really works).

Our daughter was so excited because the little girls were going to the spa to get their nails done, she wanted us to see them right away and take pictures for facebook.” What a terrific idea.

The Explorer’s club does a great job. First off, Mom and Dad get a beeper so the club can contact them if necessary. This is not a baby-sitting service; parents must be on the property. What it is, is a great place for kids to really experience camp, even to the point of a “sleep over in a tent.” Your clients put them in their real bed at 10pm.

The kids will love the moonshot trampoline.

Kids have their own shower time at 5pm, followed by a quiet game like bingo and then the 7pm dinner just for them, so Mom and Dad can experience the adult only dining room.

I met David the General Manager, when he was GM of another brand, and was impressed then, and am now. The staff respects him and like him and it shows.

“I’m a father now, so I’m even more interested in our young guests. We intend to pamper them. We’re putting in family rooms. We’ll be serving cookies and milk, they’ll have blue and pink steps so they can climb up and brush their teeth by themselves, and they’ll have their own buffet in the Explorer’s club. “

All the staff are American Red Cross certified.

Oyster Review has already declared this property as the best kid-friendly hotel in los Cabos, wonder how they’ll rate it now?

There is other big news coming soon. The privilege lounge will be on the ground floor, bigger and better. That will be a great addition. Hope they keep the great omelette chef, who made the best omelette I’ve ever eaten.

I said” just throw everything in it.” He did. This is probably part of the reason that this property is a AAAFour Diamond.

There are other reasons too of course:

the property is spotless

nobody has to wear a bracelet

there is Secret drawer lining paper in each drawer

water is included. That sounds stupid doesn’t it? It is amazing how many properties give guests a little bit of water and then make them buy it from then on.

the hangers lift off, they don’t assume you’re going to steal them

just grab a towel or three, they also assume you won’t steal them

there are no reservations required in all but one of the restaurants, just wander in when you’re ready, and if there isn’t a table they’ll give you a beeper, so you can go have a drink while you are waiting. How very civilized!

there are comfy, clean padded loungers

the vendors aren’t pushy

24 hour room service.

I could go on, and on, but perhaps Miguel, a state of the art bartender, sums it all up. Two days after I left the resort I went back for a couple of hours. Miguel still remembered what I drank and knew that I had left.

There is a lot to do on the property itself and twice a week there is a pub crawl, and Thursday night is the Art walk in San Jose.

Ben from Victoria who was there for his nephew’s wedding along with 50 guests said “ They’re professionals. Everything is in order, well managed and organized.

Take a bow David and all your staff.

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