13 SEP 2012: Canadian airline and travel types are abuzz at the possibility of a potential new start up in the leisure market. Here's how it went down. A Boeing 737-800 was seen in Canada last week with the livery of Germany's Air Berlin getting a makeover. Not terribly unusual, but the obvious assumptions that it was for Sunwing, or a seasonal addition to CanJet's fleet for Transat Holidays use, both turned up negative.

As the aircraft sat in Montreal, our little Sherlocks, went to work and discovered the mystery lessor to be "Aero Bee Inc" (Air B...Air Berlin...not too creative)

The search for Aero Bee's identity then reached a dead end as it proved to be a Montreal lawyers' office.

But flying Sherlocks aren't quitters and they kept looking and have seemingly traced back the company registration, to find a familiar name at the end of it.

Russ Payson.

Yes, apparently the very same Russ Payson formerly of Skyservice and Roots Air, and currently operating Sky Regional Airlines from Billy Bishop for Air Canada.

Well, doesn't that bring a whole heap of new "what-ifs" and "could-it-bes" into the picture. A 737-800 seems more than a tad larger than YTZ can handle. Will it be joined by others somewhere else?

Extra seats and more capacity are about the last thing needed this winter, but sanity and common sense have never been requirements in this industry.

So the question is, if not Sunwing and Transat, who? Let's play a guessing game...

⋅ Will it be a Direct Operator?

⋅ Hugh Boyle version 3? (Aero B?)

⋅ The revenge of the Flying Friisdahl?

⋅ Aero B - say that slowly ... Air-ro B-ee... Mr. Goldberg are you out there?

⋅ One of the big OTAs adding their own flights?

⋅ Or is there simply a non-leisure answer to all this?

Stay tuned ...winter's on its way.

And if you know the answer - tell us!

Nosy minds need to know.

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