06 DEC 2011: With all that’s going on in the aviation industry, you wonder the ATA has the time, budget, or inclination, to spend on fairly pointless self promotion. But apparently it does. The Air Transport Association of America (ATA) has changed its name to the catchier ‘Airlines for America’ with the infinitely cuter acronym ‘A4A’ and the tagline ‘We Connect the World.’

It also unveiled a new logo of five connected aircraft apparently depicting “the unity of America’s airlines in their shared goal of being global models of safety, customer service and environmental responsibility.”

"In the 75-year history of our association, we have supported America's airlines as they changed travel, trade and tourism across the United States and became today's indispensable facilitators of the global economy, now transporting more than 90% of all US airline passenger and cargo traffic," said A4A CEO and president Nicholas Calio.

"As the US looks to compete in growth markets overseas and increase exports and create jobs across the country, our airlines will play an even greater role. A4A is acutely aware of the progress and competitive advantages taking place in international markets to build and leverage commercial aviation to support growth.

“Our focus is to work cooperatively with the administration and Congress to create a tax and regulatory environment that enables US airlines to provide the service needed to compete globally."

The new name "Airlines for America" represents the association's membership and mission as advocates for the American airline industry and its passengers. A4A's members move about 2 million passengers and 50,000 tons of cargo every day and commercial aviation is the third-largest sector contributing to the US economy.

The new tagline "We Connect the World" says A4A, represents its members whose “vital network connects the US economy to the global marketplace.’

"Commercial aviation drives more than 10 million US jobs and more than $1 trillion a year in economic activity and 5% of US GDP," Calio said.

A4A also launched a redesigned web site with the same address:www.airlines.org.

The new web site features industry economic, environmental and operational data with an easier navigation tool.

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