Our columnists are all industry professionals with their own views and opinions, which we hope will continue to inform, excite, amuse or irritate you. Whether or not you agree with them - or like what they have to say - you will always find what they have to say thought provoking and of interest. Like you, we can have differing opinions, so we remind our readers that the opinions expressed by our columnists are their own and are not necessarily those of this publication.

Cindy-Lou Dale
Cindy-Lou Dale is a professional editor, writer and photographer, specializing in high-end travel, luxury motoring and affluent lifestyles. She also writes compellingly of current affairs, African politics and introduces her readers to new-age philanthropy.
Anita Draycott
Quite aside from being an award winning writer, whose travel articles and photography regularly appear in golf and lifestyle publications and websites, Anita Draycott is a self confessed golf fanatic, who has chased dimpled white balls over five continents.  
Bryen Dunn
Bryen Dunn focuses his writing on travel, entertainment, and lifestyle, contributing to both trade and consumer publications. He's interviewed many celebrities and community members, reviewed theatre, music, and art shows, and provided insight on several interesting and unique travel destinations.
Ted Flett
Ted Flett applies his travel PR experience to push beyond destination branding and key messages, uncovering the LGBT scene worldwide. Ted also files for Pink Triangle Press and Canadian Lawyer Magazine.
Steve Gillick
A tireless promoter of "infectious enthusiasm about travel", Steve delivers his wisdom once a month in his column The Travel Coach.
Wallace Immen
Wallace Immen is executive editor of our cruise partner The Cruisington Times and a well-known and much respected writer. 
Sam Ion
The expert on All Inclusives, Sam delivers up-to-date info on alternate Wednesdays in her column Not Just All Inclusives.
Ilona Kauremszky
A regular contributor to Travel Industry Today, Ilona is a prize winning journalist whose writing pursuits have taken her around the globe.
Chris Ryall
An industry insider with strong, outspoken opinions that readers enjoy, whether they agree, or take issue with his point of view.
Pam Stellini
Pam Stellini delivers her original spin on alternate Tuesdays in her column Without Reservations. (Formerly titled, Notes from A Broad)
Margaret Swaine
Margaret is a nationally published wine, spirits, food and travel writer, who has authored thousands of articles on these subjects for magazines and newspapers.
David Tait
David Tait's insight and irrepressible humour give us an insider's take on the airlines and the industry in general. He doesn't pull his punches, and readers find his weekly columns thoughtful, informative, amusing and infuriating – regardless, David's views on our industry are always original. 
Ann Wallace
Ann Wallace is living a writer's dream currently writing of her adventures as she and her husband sail their boat around Europe.