Ilona Kauremszky

As a frequent traveller, Ilona has filed numerous articles on the travel industry for leading consumer and trade publications and rubbed shoulders with the famous and not so famous, pulled G-forces in race cars and tested her acrophobia in more ways than she cares to remember. A former editor of a meetings magazine, you'll often spot her covering one of your events.

As a weekly Q+A travel columnist of a major newspaper, Ilona provides readers with travel tips and advice. Ilona also co-produces and its digital TV channel, mycompasstv.


Where else but the Caribbean
30 OCT 2012: I still remember my last sun vacation. Travel-size bottle of suntan lotion, white sand, and okay, I admit a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey. But like many of your clients who might have been calling lately, I’m game for a new sand-between-the-toes vacation. “So what’s out there?” MORE

The Powder Battle
25 OCT 2012: Some clients can hardly wait to strap on the skis or snowboard for their winter fix of adrenaline rush. Others however, might wish to skip those wildly adventurous sports altogether and indulge in post piste pampering at the spa or nestling up to a crackling fire armed with a cup of hot cocoa and frothy marshmallows. MORE

Record breaking numbers at conference
18 OCT 2012: More exhibitors, the largest number of prizes and a growing membership sounds like it’s too good to be true. But when your conference theme is ‘Aim High’ hosted by the largest travel services marketing organization in North America - maybe there’s a reason for the numbers surge. MORE

A new count at Myrtle Beach
17 OCT 2012: Google the term ’60 ways’ and funny up pops the old Paul Simon song title: “Fifty ways to leave your lover.” Now I don’t know if the legendary singer ever roamed the sixty miles of Myrtle Beach aka The Grand Strand to get his 50 ways fix, but if he didn’t he sure should. There’s plenty of inspiration to find there. MORE

Polish airline brings Dreamliner to Toronto
12 OCT 2012: Anytime an opportunity arises to talk shop with a CEO, I’m there. So when Marcin Piróg, the relatively new CEO of LOT Polish Airlines, flew into town last week, admittedly via Air Canada (that’s due to the Star Alliance network in which LOT is a member), to release details on the state-owned airline company’s latest plans, I was ready. MORE

Peru is a must
10 OCT 2012: House lights dimmed. Popcorn buttered. And so the show began. A magical mystery tour unfolded at the Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto’s trendy Entertainment district recently and it wasn’t captured on 3D film or any other fancy tech invention. MORE

Rootin for the Badlands
13 SEP 2012: In the seventies two guys originally from Motown aka Detroit - absolutely smitten with our summer cottage country - decided to hunker down for a spell north of the 49th parallel, and soon ROOTS was born. MORE

Visit the Eastern Townships
10 AUG 2012: Next time a guy taps you on the shoulder and offers you advice, take it. The other day traipsing through some lavender fields in the bucolic Eastern Townships, it happened to me. “The smell only gets better the further down the slope you go,” the voice from behind coaxed. I took the advice. MORE

World class luggage
20 JUL 2012: When Raymond Durocher popped inside a National Geographic Store along London’s busy west end Regent Street, a couple of summers ago, the president of Holiday Group’s first thought was: where’s the luggage? MORE

An interview with Nik Wallenda
06 JUL 2012: Dreams can be fulfilled. That’s what ace daredevil Nik Wallenda did as some 13-million viewers sat glued to their TV sets on the night of June 15th hypnotized by his every move as for 26 minutes they watched a man walk over mist. I had an opportunity to talk to him a few days later when he was back at his usual gig – risking his life on a high wire. MORE

An interview with Nik Wallenda
06 JUL 2012: Dreams can be fulfilled. That’s what ace daredevil Nik Wallenda did as some 13-million viewers sat glued to their TV sets on the night of June 15th hypnotized by his every move as for 26 minutes they watched a man walk over mist. I had an opportunity to talk to him a few days later when he was back at his usual gig – risking his life on a high wire. MORE

New Montreal conference draws big names
28 JUN 2012: These days with travel agents and tour operators clambering for ROI, market share, and customer retention, it’s a tough business at the best of times. So, last month I spent half a week schmoozing with some top guns at a new conference called C2-MTL in Montreal examining how creativity influences global businesses. MORE

Cool vibes from the Golden State
26 JUN 2012: California seems to be in the spotlight year-round. Hollywood’s Tinseltown is a case in point but there’s so much more to this place than Entertainment Tonight. So when state reps arrived to T.O. last week, I was half expecting the glitz and the glamour; but instead what I discovered was another cool vibe from the Golden State. MORE

The art of a city
07 JUN 2012: Now that Scotland’s hit the streets with its Year of Creative Scotland 2012 campaign, there seems to be more verve, more vigour, and dare I say more of that famous Glasgow swagger percolating from the old Merchant City. MORE

How creative can you get
31 MAY 2012: The Scots will be the first to tell you, “Give it five minutes and the weather will turn to something else.” So having braved the elements recently on a phantasmagorical journey to the Orkney Islands I got a front seat chance to romp around the mysterious isle with Scotland’s jewellery sensation Sheila Fleet, an Orcadian, who left no stone unturned in this rocky playground. She opened my eyes to a whole new world. MORE

Vegas welcomes Canadians
17 MAY 2012: Just when you thought Vegas had pulled out all the bunnies from its top hat, it come up with another surprise. Room occupancy numbers are skyrocketing at 150,000 at last count. So we gotta ask, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?” MORE

Getting there was half the fun
13 APR 2012: Bucket lists are important. They serve as reminders about the things we wish we could do if we had the time. So this spring I grabbed my mom’s bucket list and put some talk into action. It was time to visit Vermont. MORE

Louisville, Kentucky
03 APR 2012: These Kentuckians who live along the Ohio River straddling Indiana in the old steamboat belt are proud folk who don’t swagger when they walk. It’s that down-home hospitality, the kind you hear about in those old southern songs that makes you feel like you’ve come home. MORE

Travel South USA Showcase
30 MAR 2012: The headlines raged about tornadoes devastating parts of Indiana and Kentucky. Survivors who narrowly escaped from the eye said their lives turned upside down that Friday afternoon. Two days later I was headed to the annual Travel South USA Showcase in Louisville Kentucky, a mere 20 miles from the worst tornado-hit spots. MORE

Cooling it in USVI
12 MAR 2012: At a quick glance the fifties style bungalows might feel kind of Mad Men like. The overhangs, vast windows, and native stone had a Mr. Sinatra quality about it. Except, it ain’t no 50s - it was now. And these bungalows weren’t lining an urban thoroughfare either. There they were along a palm fringed remote paradise on a practically deserted island in the US Virgin Islands. MORE

USVI offers something for everyone
01 MAR 2012: You’ve heard it a thousand times before. “I want something new, somewhere where I don’t have long wait times between connecting flights, basically I want to be on the beach in five hours.” MORE

Innovators at Quebec Day
29 FEB 2012: It’s always refreshing to come across innovators whose big ideas actually came to life. Think big, dream big. MORE

Where in the world
04 JAN 2011: 2012 might spell the world’s final doomsday, that’s if you obsess about the ancient Mayan calendar, but others are planning big events for the world stage. Here’s a glance at what block-bluster shows and milestone anniversaries you can expect in the upcoming year. MORE

Better safe than sorry
27 DEC 2011: Nobody knows better than the good doctor on combating travel health issues. So as the holiday season is upon us with many clients anxiously awaiting to head south to tropical climates for a much needed break, there’s also the thought of way too many umbrella drinks, ice cubes, and undercooked veggies that need some consideration too. That’s why I met Dr. Aw. MORE

CTO in town to spread message
14 DEC 2011: Trip Advisors and other online social media networks big on customer feedback will have a new contender once the Caribbean Tourism Organization gets its Total Visitor Satisfaction Surveys (TVS) done, said Hugh Riley, the CTO’s secretary general who proudly admitted no other region in the world is currently offering this rating. MORE