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Sabrina Santer

Sabrina Santer uses her academic and holistic nutrition background to share insight and inform readers on travel wellness tips and healthy eating around the world. A witty sense of humour sprinkles her work as proof that healthy need not be boring.

A boundless curiosity and love for all things food led her to complete her undergraduate degree in Nutrition and Food at Ryerson University. An interest in alternative health practices inspired her post-graduate diploma at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, where she obtained her Registered Holistic Nutrition designation and is now an instructor.

Growing up with both parents in the airline industry she had the opportunity to travel often and gain first-hand experience on how to incorporate her wellness background into her travels in ways that she now shares with others.




09 APR 2019: One of the hotly debated topics in health is the concept of doing a “detox”. Waste of money, or an invaluable tool to optimize your health? The main argument against detoxes is that our bodies have natural detox systems in place, and that boxed cleanses that litter the shelves of health food stores are a money grab and a waste of time.

It’s always the last place you look

26 MAR 2019: Creativity is such an invaluable yet elusive skill. What does it mean to be creative? I had an interesting conversation about the death of creativity as a result of our technologically driven, convenience-centred lifestyle. We are constantly bombarded with endless streams of information, readily available at our fingertips. Always a ping, ding or ring away, we feel anxious about turning our phones off overnight, preferring to compromise on sleep to avoid disconnecting or being unreachable.


12 MAR 2019: Back in middle school, I had a history teacher who was well known for tough love and never missing an opportunity to make an example out of you. There were many different lines he would use to put disruptive kids in their places, but the stool jokes always stood out to me. Likely because they were lost on my innocence and I spent more time than I’d like to admit trying to understand what was so funny about likening a student to a stool. If you had asked me back then about it, I would’ve likely sent you to IKEA. But today, having since clued in, I would send you to London, England.

Relaxed alertness for the western lifestyle

26 FEB 2019: You’re seated, but instead of your desk chair, you notice you’re sitting cross-legged. As your awareness spreads, you notice you’re not at your desk at all, but on a patch of grass, slightly dewy from the cooler temperatures of the night before. 

and the future of antibiotics.

12 FEB 2019: Show me a person who doesn’t like garlic and I’ll show you a person who is probably not living life to the fullest. I can say this because my pops is one of those people. If you ever needed a little bit of inspiration to appreciate garlic in all of its magical and healing glory, this is for you. Will you someday use it in a salve to apply directly onto the eye? Probably not, but if you had a tricky infection that was resistant to antibiotics, perhaps you’d be glad that I shared this with you. This garlic salve comes courtesy of an Old English medical bible from the 9th century, also known as Bald’s Leechbook.


15 JAN 2019: This is it, folks. We're halfway through January, the weather is cold, grey and depressing. Our holiday debts are rolling in and thoughts of summer sun feel like a dream. This is not a drill, and you are not alone. In fact, this feeling is so widespread that health experts have coined the term “Blue Monday”. But, what if I told you there was a way to take back control of your energy, health, and motivation - even now in the most depressing time of the year.

New Years Evolution

02 JAN 2019: “We’ll start at the front, and go around the room”. My heart rate quickens as I realize I am the keener at the front of the room, and therefore the one on the hook to start the exercise. I had no idea where to begin.


18 DEC 2018: It’s been a long year to say the least. But, as the big man himself is chimney bound in a week’s time, it is finally coming to a close. While children everywhere are frantically cleaning their rooms in hopes of making up for lost time, I, on the other hand, am in search of a nice spot of mud.


04 DEC 2018: If you haven’t heard about the romaine recall, or noticed that romaine has disappeared off the shelves of your local supermarket, then shame on you for not prioritizing your veggies! But if you’re on the other end of the spectrum and are suffering from romaine withdrawals, I have some good news. 


20 NOV 2018: You know the story about the princess with the world at her feet, yet all she wants is a good night’s sleep. And no matter how many mattresses or soft surfaces were piled one on top of the other, restful sleep eluded her. Her mood and lifestyle were all completely out of whack, all because of one pesky little pea underneath. While it also sounds like the real life tale of my partner’s sleeping preferences, the point of this fairy tale is that one small and seemingly insignificant thing can completely disrupt your flow and quality of life. 


06 NOV 2018: I’ve always had a healthy respect for creepy crawlies and their personal space. Although, I do remember playing with snails in the backyard as a kid, and having worm races down by the lake. Yes, you read that right, and yes they were as lacklustre as they sound. In my adult life, my experiences with worms have less to do with the races and more to do with the variety that we are ashamed to talk openly about; the intestinal variety, also known as parasites.



23 OCT 2018: There is one in every crowd. That one person who is always talking at you. Always going on and on about nothing just to hear the sound of their own voice. Nobody likes a friend who is full of hot air. Even worse, is being stuck beside that person on a flight with nowhere to escape. Sometimes the friendly conversation can be a great way to pass the time, but often times the incessant babbling and blowing of hot air can make a short haul feel like the ultra marathon from London all the way Down Under.


09 OCT 2018: Picture this, you’re on vacation in a foreign country and on the hunt for an authentic cultural experience. You meet some locals who promise to show you a good time. Next thing you know, you’re disrobed, crammed into a small space, and sweating profusely at near extreme heat. These people hand you a cluster of birch branches with which you swat yourself all over your bare skin. (Suddenly we’re double checking this URL to be sure we haven’t accidentally clicked something inappropriate…)

Why you should give thanks this Thanksgiving

25 SEP 2018: With Canadian Thanksgiving fast approaching, we are headed into the holiday season at what feels like warp speed. While often touted “the most wonderful time of the year”, paradoxically the holidays are also synonymous with stress. Thanksgiving is, as the name suggests, about giving thanks for what we have. A message that seems to have been lost beneath copious amounts of turkey gravy, quirky family dynamics, and door-busting Black Friday deals.

Weight loss beyond food choices

11 SEP 2018: Well, the kids are back to school, the nights are cooling off and the sun is taking longer to show its face in the morning. As summer slowly fades, we are getting back into our regular routines and taking this opportunity to refocus. Some even refer to this time of the year as the ‘second New Year’. If you had the best of intentions that got away from you, now is your shot at a second chance! 

Stress relief from inside the box

28 AUG 2018: Did you breathe today? Yes, you have used your lungs to exchange carbon dioxide and oxygen — the average person does that around 20,000 times each day — but, I’m going to ask again, did you breathe?

Exploring Heart, Soul and the Natural Realm

14 AUG 2018: As a Holistic Nutritionist, I consider myself pretty spiritual. I try to meditate and practice yoga as often as I can, and I also believe in the existence of spirits and a greater divine energy. But, I can also fully admit that I have yet to achieve the level of inner peace that accompanies a lifetime in the silent foothills of Tibet. So, when I had the opportunity to further expand my horizons by attending a spiritual nature retreat led by a shaman from Zimbabwe, I was all over it!

Not just an environmental concern.

31 JUL 2018: With all the plastics that have been flying around over the last 50 years, one might guess that we would have morphed into a society of Barbie and Ken dolls with perfectly quaffed hairstyles and disproportionate body types. I’m sorry to report that instead, we have been saddled with obesity, fertility issues, and mood disorders. We really pulled the short straw on this one, too bad a ban on single-use plastics wasn’t in place before we had to make our selection.

Supercharging your wellness

17 JUL 2018: You what?! That, or a blank stare, were the two standard reactions to the “so what are you doing now?” question. My answer in between, at the time, was that I was working at a colon hydrotherapy clinic supporting health and changing the world, one bowel flush at a time. But, enough about me.


03 JUL 2018: As Canada rang in another birthday; many of us were paralyzed by excessive heat and humidity. This year seems to be making up for the cool and rainy summer we experienced last year, and we are reminded to be careful what we wish for. Outdoor festivals and cottage long weekends tested our bodies’ limits with a bevy of celebratory alcoholic beverages. Whether you’re traveling to warm destinations or simply enjoying the great outdoors this summer here are my top tips to keep cool.


19 JUN 2018: Have you ever stepped off the plane and noticed a few extra inches on your waistline? It’s called Jet-Bloat and it’s a real pain. Arriving in paradise with a wider waistline is not the way you want to start a vacation. Especially when it makes you think twice about your immediate plans to get your tan on in that new bathing suit.


05 JUN 2018: Forget the coffee…wake up and smell the sage! There is a new wave of new age lifestyle habits in town. Various spiritual practices boast promises of stress reduction, heightened creativity, and better work performance, and things like meditation, yoga, and affirmations are gaining popularity and mainstream recognition.

Can Flying Make You Sick

You know what’s worse than being sick in the summertime? Being sick on vacation. Don’t shoot the messenger, but studies have estimated that you are 100 times more likely to get sick flying as opposed to in everyday life. It doesn’t take Albert Einstein to crunch those numbers and understand that stepping on an airplane threatens to throw a wrench in your plans for adventure.

More than just bad news for bones.

08 MAY 2018:  Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear ME when I say you’re not getting enough vitamin D! Doctors recommend it to nearly everyone, and in fact, they rarely test for it because they’re tired of getting the same “no” result over and over.

Friend or Foe

24 APR 2018: Nothing like a beautiful sun filled weekend north of the border, to remind us that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. As winter reared one final hurrah, it appears (knock wood) that we are in the clear. Though I must ask, in light of the sun, did you wear sunscreen?