Bookable experiences in England’s national parks
02 APR 2019: England’s National Parks are treasured for their tranquillity, traditions, heritage and unique natural habitats. Geographically dotted around England and making up 10 percent of the nation’s total land with an abundance of native wildlife-rich habitants, the parks are a deep part of the fabric of England’s national identity and provide free access to England’s open countryside. MORE

Dreams of Steam
01 APR 2019: Driving on a steam train is a dream shared by many, no matter what their age. This is time travel at its best. A steam locomotive train journey opens a window into the golden age of travel. It brings with it a sense of theatre - chuff-chuffing through the Sussex Weald and stopping at old-style stations, where British Rail train guards, dressed in black uniforms of the day, blow their whistles and signal the engine driver on, with people waving as you pass. MORE

Discovering Britain with Trafalgar Tours
29 MAR 2019: Trafalgar Tours have tweaked their Real Britain tour to make it a better experience. Several years ago ,I did the seven-day version of Trafalgar’s Real Britain tour. We overnighted in London, Bristol, Chester, Edinburgh (2 nights), York and London. MORE

A supercalifragilisticexpialidocious tour of London
28 MAR 2019: Mary Poppins Returns recently hit the big screen in Canadian (and global) theatres, adding a second chapter to the legendary Disney classic of 1964 and bringing a new cast back to the house where the magic began on Cherry Tree Lane, London. MORE

Why Britain is great for Globus
27 MAR 2019: With decades of experience selling tours in Great Britain, the Globus Family of Brands is certainly an expert on one of Canadians’ favourite holiday destinations. In fact, Globus FOB offers more than 40 itinerary options across its Globus, Cosmos and Monograms brands, including several new choices for 2019. Travel Industry Today recently sat down with the company’s managing director for Canada, Stéphanie Bishop, to see just what makes Britain so great for Globus. MORE

26 MAR 2019: Lancashire is one of England's lesser known agricultural counties blessed not only with a picture-postcard landscape but also a natural bounty of good food found in local Michelin starred restaurants, cozy inns, or independent coffee shops serving gastro-sandwiches. Here the unspoilt working county’s food bar keeps rising, taking with it craft breweries and artisan food producers. MORE

A Garden Lost in Time
25 MAR 2019: Wales is a beautiful corner of the world.  It is a land of rolling hills and roaming sheep, a land of legends and beautiful voices to tell or sing of those legends.  It boasts of more castles per square mile than any other land.  Its coastline is rugged, parts of its interior are mountainous while a variety of parks offer hiking and cycling trails, lakes and beautiful scenery.   MORE

19 MAR 2019: Torquay forms part of what’s known as the English Riviera. Thanks to its 22-mile (35 km) stretch of award-winning beaches, exotic palm trees and Mediterranean micro-climate it’s one of the UK's most popular holiday destinations. MORE

The city of natural hot springs
18 MAR 2019: Bath is a city steeped in heritage, and nowhere is this more apparent than in its namesake, The Roman Baths. Just a five minute walk from Bath station visitors can admire the remarkably preserved remains of the ancient baths that are still heated by unique thermal springs that swell beneath the city. MORE

Van Gogh UK exhibit largest in a decade
15 MAR 2019: Tate Britain will host the largest exhibition of Vincent van Gogh’s work in the UK for nearly a decade. “The EY Exhibition: Van Gogh and Britain” will also be the first at the London venue, which is one of the largest art museums in the country and dubbed “the home of British art from 1500 to the present day.”   MORE

Unique 2 in1 partnership targets incentive buyers
13 MAR 2019: London and Paris have joined forces to offer a new range of incentive travel products aimed at inspiring North American incentive buyers to book a two-in-one trip for their clients. MORE

Music, art and literature in the English countryside
12 MAR 2019:As you make your way - by train or car - through the quiet and glorious countryside of England's East Sussex it's hard to believe you are approaching one of the world's greatest opera houses.  Your destination is the tiny village of Glyne, on the outskirts of which stands Glyndebourne, a country house that has been home to opera since 1934.  In the early days the opera-loving owners of this home - the Christies - presented operas within the house, but the annual festival became so popular that a free-standing, 1,200-seat opera house has now been built on the beautiful grounds.  MORE

The Cat Inn
11 MAR 2019:  The hilltop parish of West Hoathly, set in the heart of the Sussex countryside, just 25-minutes from Gatwick Airport, is a picture-postcard village with a steepled 12th century church, idyllic views and achingly beautiful historic homes. But what steals the show is The Cat Inn and its Michelin listed free-house. MORE

Canadian Kate Frame is all about care and conservation
08 MAR 2019: Kate Frame’s job is to straddle the centuries in the utilization of science to preserve history. She may be the only Canadian ever locked in the Tower of London. Unlike Anne Boleyn, Lady Jane Grey, Guy Fawkes, Sir Walter Raleigh and Rudolf Hess, Frame’s incarceration was temporary and voluntary. Frame was, and is, periodically locked in The Jewel House with The Crown Jeweller, to oversee the care and preservation of The Crown Jewels. She isn’t permitted to touch the jewels – that is reserved for The Sovereign and Crown Jeweller – but she does survey the environmental conditions under which they are kept. MORE

Your kind of city
06 MAR 2019: Edinburgh is the eccentric jewel in Scotland’s crown. More so at the palace to all things rococo, the Prestonfield House Hotel – which, in its crimson pinstripe and velvet upholstered walls, is a shrine to excess that even Liberace would have found extravagant. Full of saucy opulence, ancestral portraits and soft amber light cast by giant chandeliers, to say the hotel is stuff of pure fantasy is a bit of an understatement.   MORE

05 MAR 2019: A seemingly unremarkable row house stands in a quiet, rather plain, street in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the City of London, close to busy Liverpool Street Station and the Old (and famous) Spitalfields Market. Try as I may, I cannot describe the house better than the introduction on the website. MORE

Tour goes to town on The Crown
04 MAR 2019: Fans who can’t wait for the third season of The Crown to hit the airwaves later this year can get a fix of the popular Netflix series through a new dedicated film location tour offered in London by sightseeing company Evan Evans Tours. MORE

London’s old dock pubs
27 FEB 2019: There are few more essentially English experiences than enjoying a pint of ale in a centuries-old public house, where the walls whisper of the past. Given the destruction inflicted by two World Wars and the Great Fire of London, it’s quite remarkable that some still stand. MORE

London eliminates junk food ads
26 FEB 2019: The city of London is getting rid of junk. As of Monday they have implemented a new policy removing all posters for food and beverages high in fat, salt and sugar that would appear in the London transportation system. London Mayor Sadiq Khan is intent to be rid of the  "ticking time bomb" of child obesity in the capital. MORE

News from Britains best galleries
25 FEB 2019: With thousands of museums across Britain there is certainly no shortage of cultural options for visitors. Landmark facilities like the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London are must-sees, while niche venues like the Sherlock Holmes Museum and (for Dr. Who fans) The Time Machine Museum of Science Fiction are examples of places that will primarily appeal to those with special interests, or, perhaps, simply just a taste for the unusual. MORE

Saluting 50 years of Monty Python
22 FEB 2019: “I blow my nose at you [and] I fart in your general direction.” Classic. What could be funnier to my former 13-year-old self than the put-downs from the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the Python comedy troupe’s first full-length feature film in 1975. MORE

21 FEB 2019: In my youth, which I now wish was more misspent, I stumbled on to an early punk performance. Armed with a freshly issued VISA and a $200 credit limit, I flew to London where my friend Jane was spending a term off university working in an Aussie bar, the King’s Head in Earl’s Court. MORE

21 FEB 2019: Britain is extending the no-fly zone for drones around airports to 5 kilometres (3.1 miles) in an attempt to avert disruptions like the December groundings of flights at Gatwick Airport. The Department for Transport says the zone will widen on March 13 from the current 1 kilometre (0.6 miles). MORE

A Wessex Girl Remembers
20 FEB 2019: Turn back the clock, brew a pot of tea, and hunker down in your favourite chair on this cold winter day to read A Wessex Girl Remembers –Memories of a War-Time Childhood. Canadian travel writer Tess Bridgwater has written her memoirs using a 12 mile radius in the southernmost corner of Wessex she frequented as a 12 year-old growing up in southern England to unravel intriguing historic footnotes of epic proportions. MORE

London’s first Borough of Culture
19 FEB 2019: London oozes culture. So much so that it’s easy for visitors (and, indeed, locals) to get caught up in all the great sport, theatre, food, nightlife, markets and other offerings. To that end, London mayor Sadiq Khan launched the London Borough of Culture (BOC) initiative in 2018, with the borough of Waltham Forest being the first to win the accolade for 2019 (to be followed in 2020 by Brent). MORE