Mack makes it worth the trip
02 MAY 2019: After decades in this industry, I like many others, have been subjected to more than my fair share of tours and tour guides usually droning on and on in monotonous monotones about some seriously uninteresting - let's call it - stuff. Regrettably over the years I have on occasion inflicted this same dull disservice on other unfortunate travellers. Only twice in all that time have I ever found a tour that offered me an experience that was truly both interesting, fun and made me not dread getting back on the coach. And both occasions had three common denominators. MORE

Five luxurious ways to travel around Britain
02 MAY 2019: Perhaps one of the most amazing things about Britain is how extraordinarily beautiful it is. For a small industrial nation, the landscape seems vast ranging from rugged cliffs, to pristine beaches, to heather clad hills, to dales, lakes and fields with stone walled fences. There is a pastoral peace about the British countryside and there are some seriously glamorous to explore it. MORE

D-Day Landings commemorated
01 MAY 2019: Seventy five years ago the forces of 13 Allied countries gathered in Britain before launching the historic operation to liberate Europe. Winston Churchill rightly said that D-Day was “undoubtedly the most complicated and difficult” operation that had ever taken place. On June 06 the date of the D-Day Landings and the Battle of Normandy, several important occasions will commemorate the anniversary of the Second World War and Britain will show its veterans that the country’s debt to them is never forgotten. MORE

Invaders enhance epic UK outdoor theatre event Kynren
30 APR 2019: Vikings are preparing to crash the UK’s biggest outdoor live theatre spectacular, Kynren – an epic tale of England, this summer. Featuring a 1,000-strong cast and crew, Kynren – an epic tale of England, takes place annually in the northeastern English county of Durham. MORE

Spring happenings at Britains royal palaces
29 APR 2019: From a transformed castle to explore and brand-new Queen Victoria exhibitions to live performances uncovering the “Terrible Tudors” in all their gory glory, there’s a whole range of activities visitors can join in at Britain’s Historic Royal Palaces (HRP) this Spring. MORE

Great West Way touring route a first in England
26 APR 2019: England’s The Great West Way may have been officially unveiled last November, but with the summer tourism season at hand, Canadian visitors are just now starting to roll out along the unique new touring route. MORE

25 APR 2019: As the dispute and turmoil over Brexit continues in Britain, now with the deadline to exit extended to Halloween, no irony intended, I got to thinking about British pubs. Perfect places for heated debate, creative writing or just drowning sorrows, they were often the linchpin of a community. Today’s tourists can find along with that insight into a neighbourhood, a great meal at a value price. The trick is knowing how to locate the best. MORE

Kids search for London gold
24 APR 2019: Treasure hunters and budding buccaneers can gather their crewmates and set out on a self-guided adventure in the heart of London with two brand new self-guided “treasure hunts.” MORE

UK gem celebrating Year of Discovery in 2019
23 APR 2019: Yearly themes are nothing new in tourism as tourist boards often invoke general topics like food, art or culture, or sometimes specific events or anniversaries, in the hopes of inspiring or simply framing visitor interest. MORE

Hole Park Gardens
The hidden gem of High Weald
22 APR 2019: Secreted away in the Weald of Kent, just beyond the picturesque white weather-boarded village of Rolvenden, lies Hole Park Gardens, a magnificent country estate, one of the best in Kent, the Garden of England. MORE

18 APR 2019: The sleepy East Sussex town of Robertsbridge in Sussex is home to Gray-Nicolls who, since 1855 have been manufacturing cricket bats for some of the world's greatest players like David Gower, Mike Atherton, Clive Lloyd and Brian Lara.   MORE

Winston’s world and more at Oxfordshire palace
17 APR 2019: 'At Blenheim, I took two very important decisions: to be born and to marry. I am content with the decision I took on both occasions.' – Sir Winston Churchill. MORE

Keats classic 200 years old
16 APR 2019: Autumn can be an awesome time of the year in Britain, an observation not lost on John Keats, whose heartfelt ode “To Autumn” is regarded by many as one of the most perfect short poems in the English language. Penned 200 years ago on Sept. 19, 1819, the classic composition paints a portrayal of a season of “mists and mellow fruitfulness” and urges readers to “think not” of the songs of Spring. MORE

GOT studio tour coming to Northern Ireland
15 APR 2019: It will take another year, but fans of Games of Thrones, which began its hugely anticipated final season on television last night (Sunday), will be able to be immerse themselves in the world of Westeros in a unique studio tour experience in Northern Ireland, where much of the hit HBO series has been filmed. MORE

12 APR 2019: If turquoise seas just make you think of the Caribbean, it’s time for a visit to Cornwall. Located on England’s rugged southwestern tip, it forms a peninsula of wild moorland and hundreds of sandy beaches, ending at the rugged cliffs of Land’s End. The south coast, dubbed the Cornish Riviera, is home to picturesque harbour villages such as Fowey and Falmouth. The north coast is lined with towering cliffs and seaside resorts and is a popular spot for surfers. MORE

Cumbria’s assertions to having created sticky toffee pudding are untrue. The smart money is on Lancashire, by way of Canada.
11 APR 2019: From Michelin-starred restaurants and gastro pubs, to purveyors of fine foods at farmers markets, I’ve been having an on-going love-affair with British food since I moved here 20 years ago. On a recent foodie assignment in Cumbria’s Lake District I discovered a scandal as to who made the first Sticky Toffee Pudding. MORE

10 APR 2019: Just 57 minutes from London by train and so near to Europe you can see France, is Folkestone, one of Kent’s numerous coastal towns. In the Creative Quarter, along its cobbled streets, you'll find quirky stores, pastel-painted studio-galleries, bespoke clothing boutiques, chilled out bars, chic eateries and cutting-edge art studios - which affordably house over 100 artistic enterprises in buildings which are a mix of restored-historic and designer-contemporary. MORE

Big winner at British Olivier Awards
09 APR 2019: “The Inheritance”, an epic drama about gay lives in New York, and musicals "Come From Away" and “Company” were the big winners at British theatre's Olivier Awards on Sunday, receiving four trophies apiece. "Come From Away," inspired by a small Canadian town that sheltered thousands of stranded airline passengers after the 9-11 attacks, was named best new musical at Britain's equivalent of Broadway's Tony Awards. MORE

Getting the goods on Glasgow
09 APR 2019: Many cities claim the world’s friendliest people, but in Glasgow’s case it may well be true, with residents eager to bend over backwards to help visitors make the most of their time in a destination that has long toiled in the tourism shadows of neighbouring Edinburgh and Loch Lomond. MORE

Britain celebrates Victoria bicentennial in May
08 APR 2019: May 24, 2019 marks 200 years since the birth of Queen Victoria, a monarch whose reign defined an era and who oversaw a period of unparalleled industrial, cultural, scientific, political and military change in Britain. On the throne for more than 63 years at a time of great invention and innovation, the anniversary is being marked with events across Britain, and especially at locations with close ties to the monarch. This year is therefore a great chance to discover Queen Victoria’s Britain. MORE

Scotland celebrates national drink in May
05 AR 2019: Produced in Scotland for centuries, whisky is widely celebrated as the country’s national drink. It’s distinct and varied flavours are heavily influenced by the regions in which it is made, a fact that is celebrated as part of national whisky month in May. MORE

04 APR 2019: The year was 55 BCE. The place was Rome. The protagonist was one Gaius Julius Caesar. And in the summer of that year, Caesar turned his gaze northwards upon an island, reported to be inhabited by barbarians. And Caesar wanted these uncivilized people to be subjugated to the rule and system of Rome. The era of Roman Britain was about to begin. MORE

VisitEngland names top attractions
03 APR 2019: VisitEngland has announced the winners of its Attractions Accolades for 2018 recognising the quality of visitor experiences across England. The attractions are acknowledged as a result of the outstanding experiences they provide, highlighting all aspects of the visitor experience, from story-telling to food and drink and from customer service to overall winners. MORE

Bookable experiences in England’s national parks
02 APR 2019: England’s National Parks are treasured for their tranquillity, traditions, heritage and unique natural habitats. Geographically dotted around England and making up 10 percent of the nation’s total land with an abundance of native wildlife-rich habitants, the parks are a deep part of the fabric of England’s national identity and provide free access to England’s open countryside. MORE

Dreams of Steam
01 APR 2019: Driving on a steam train is a dream shared by many, no matter what their age. This is time travel at its best. A steam locomotive train journey opens a window into the golden age of travel. It brings with it a sense of theatre - chuff-chuffing through the Sussex Weald and stopping at old-style stations, where British Rail train guards, dressed in black uniforms of the day, blow their whistles and signal the engine driver on, with people waving as you pass. MORE