18 JUN 2019: An environmental activist group called Extinction Rebellion wants the British government to make climate change a priority. In April, environmental protestors blocked access to several major London landmarks, and had plans to shut down Heathrow Airport with drones this summer. But the group has postponed that action after criticism from politicians and police. They recently stated they would “not be carrying out any actions at Heathrow Airport in June or July this year.”

Details of the group's plan were leaked last month. British Aviation Minister Charlotte Vere warned that “using drones to deliberately put people's safety at risk carries a maximum life sentence.”

Their website states that Extinction Rebellion is an international movement that uses non-violent civil disobedience to achieve radical change in order to minimise the risk of human extinction and ecological collapse.

Extinction Rebellion said the allegation it was willing to endanger people's lives “is a depressing and predictable smear.”

The group still aims to target the airport, Europe's busiest, but said it would not fly drones within flightpaths, and would give two months' notice so travellers could make other plans.

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