07 DEC 2018: This Friday’s music video was inspired by a recent incident. Three women involved in our industry were having a conversation at the next table which we just happened to overhear. Their voices were loud - and okay – we were eavesdropping. These women - on an all expense paid cruise on a high end ship were listening to one of their colleagues bitching loudly about the treatment she had received from a staff member on the phone – she was literally furious at some – from the sound of it, imagined – slight. Her companions listened, commiserated and added their two bits. Need I add, the service on board was exemplary.

In this industry we often tend to travel well above our paygrade, a situation that too frequently results, rather than in appreciation – instead in an expectation of preferential treatment and even delusions of grandeur.

Give yourself a shake, woman!

In a world where, fuelled by hysterical rhetoric and incited by exaggeration and lies that warn against trusting (let alone ‘loving’) our fellow man, people have grown increasingly intolerant, prejudiced, fanatical … the list goes on … but most of all - people are angry. Just angry – at whatever…

All that preamble leads to Friday’s music video. Listen, enjoy, sing along, and for goodness sake – be Happy!




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Jen Savedra

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