09 NOV 2018: Canada’s recent legislation of cannabis for recreational use is expected to increase tourism to the second largest country on earth, whilst an increasing number of countries are also embracing weed tourism and becoming friendly towards the drug.  

As the number of people recreationally smoking cannabis increases, a new type of tourism is emerging - cannabis tourism.

Smart Travel website Smart Lemure created a list of top destinations in the world where cannabis is legal. Here are top 5 travel destinations where smoking weed is part of everyday life.

1. Canada. In October 2018, the use of cannabis became officially legal for recreational use after an already lengthy period of medical acceptance in the country. Only the second country after Uruguay to do such a thing, Canada has a lot more to offer than simply ‘getting high’ for today's cannabis tourist. Modern and lively cities, an easy going atmosphere, stunning mountain views, arctic tundra and a growing number of dispensaries lie in wait for visitors.

2. Uruguay. One of the true pioneers in the movement and probably the least known - Uruguay made history in 2013 when it became the first country to fully legalize cannabis for recreational use. Although procurement isn't quite as simple for tourists as locals, there are numerous organised smoking tours and the option to simply ask a local. This Latin American gem, sandwiched in between popular tourist destinations of Argentina and Brazil, has it all with its laid back atmosphere and stunning beaches.

3. The Netherlands. Contrary to popular belief, cannabis isn't actually legal in the Netherlands, only tolerated for personal consumption in designated ‘coffee shops’ marked by green coffee cup stickers. Amsterdam is the tourist hub of smoking culture in the country, with many quirky and unique ‘coffee shops’ offering every imaginable strain and way of smoking, all centred around the beautiful old town district of the city. For veteran visitors, try exploring the other major cities such as Utrecht or Rotterdam to get a more laid back, better value experience.

4. Jamaica. Jamaica has long been the spiritual home of smoking cannabis, mainly thanks to Rastafarian religion advocating the smoking of cannabis and the very influential music of Bob Marley openly glorifying the drug. Surprisingly, the decriminalization of cannabis only occurred in 2015, when a bill decriminalizing recreational cannabis was passed. Whilst the drug is still technically illegal, you won't get in trouble for enjoying small amounts whilst sipping cocktail in one of Jamaica's many beautiful beach resorts.

5. Colorado, USA. Colorado is what many would consider the ‘commercial’ home of cannabis. Ever since 2014, when the state of Colorado legalized recreational cannabis, the tourism industry has been on a relentless increase, growing by 51% in just 4 years. Smoking tours, weed-friendly hotels, dispensaries and spectacular views over the Rocky Mountains accompanied by a tasty craft beer await those tourists with a thirst for a different experience.

For Smart Lemur’s full list of destinations where smoking weed is perfectly legal, click here

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