19 OCT 2018: One of the requests we received for our Friday City/Destination music video was for Gordon Lightfoot’s Alberta Bound. As I was researching that, I came across another, much, much earlier, Lightfoot album on You Tube – it’s not a video, but some old timers in the industry might recognize his singing partner – Terry Whalen.

In 1962 Gordon Lightfoot and Terry Whelan partnered as the Two Tones. They recorded a live album 'Two Tones: Live at the Village Corner', compiled of mostly old folk songs. This is a song from that album.

Many of us in the travel Industry will remember Terry Whalen.

Back in the seventies (long past his Lightfoot singing days) Whalen and Ron Harding formed a tour company called Great Places which ran a variety of travel (early ITCs and ABCs) to the Caribbean and Europe. The Toronto head office adjoined Ron Harding’s Adelaide Street apartment (you could climb through the window to get from office to apartment). Great Places was famous for presentations held at Hardings’ place and even more famous for parties at the same venue.

So, here’s to the memories of some fabulous times with Great Places, Terry Whalen and Ron Harding.

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