13 JUL 2018: Food is the new tourist attraction according to the Hotels.com Tasty Travels report. With more than half of Canadian millennials admitting a destination’s cuisine is the biggest deciding factor when picking where to holiday, with arts and culture and beautiful beaches being less appetizing in comparison. The younger generation is now even more focused on munching delicious local delicacies on holiday (68 percent) than visiting landmarks (61 percent) and exploring the outdoors (34 percent).

Globally, Paris, Tokyo and Rome were voted the best foodie cities while Canadian’s were keen on tasting the foods of cities like New York and even Venice.

Top 7 Foodie Cities Global

1. Paris (27 percent)
2. Tokyo (23percent)
3. Rome (22 percent)
4. London (21 percent)
5. New York (16 percent)
6. Barcelona (16 percent)
7. Madrid (14 percent)

Top 7 Foodie Cities for Canadians

1. Paris (35 percent)
2. Rome (32 percent)
3. New York (24 percent)
4. London (21 percent)
5. Tokyo (19 percent)
6. Barcelona (19 percent)
7. Venice (17 percent)

It’s food over friends these days, as 68 percent admit they prefer to snap a picture of their food than of themselves (36 percent) or their friends’ faces (31 percent) for Instagram. Canadian millennials love to post most about indulgent desserts like doughnuts and freak shakes (32 percent), followed by pizza (28 percent) and burgers and beers (20 percent). Millennial travellers don’t play it safe with their food choices either, as one in five claimed they’d love to try chicken feet, crickets and garlic ice cream.

The Tasty Travels research also revealed that it’s no longer about the five-star dining experience as millennials now prefer street food (21 percent), or finding a hotspot that locals rave about (21 percent) to Michelin star restaurants (16 percent). These experiences are so high on their travel lists that six in ten Canadian travellers said foodie experiences stand out the most in their holiday memories, beating out sight-seeing (55 percent) and spending time with their travel buddy (33 percent).

Scott Ludwig, from Hotels.com says, “The love amongst Millennial travellers for what we at Hotels.com have dubbed #TastyTravels, stems from food being one of the most connective and rewarding currencies there is. Experiences are the new wealth and food provides one of life’s most pleasurable experiences, where there’s always something new to try when you travel. So, it’s understandable that younger generations of travellers are defining their holiday by what they can eat, how they eat it, and how good the ‘Grams’ will be while they’re away”.

The video above doesn’t show the top ‘foodie cities’ – but it does make some excellent points.

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