14 JUN 2018: A not-for-profit global sustainable tourism association which unites hotels, restaurants and parks that embrace sustainable practices and experiences has simple tips to help even traditional travellers reduce their footprint. 

The organization is Bee + Hive and it’s Founder, Bruno Correa, offers some tips for a sustainable trip this summer:
Use local suppliers: for every $100 spent on an international trip, only 5% stays in the country visited. By prioritizing and choosing local suppliers of services and products, you can ensure that the local community shares the economic benefits of tourism.
Move around: Try walking or biking whenever possible. You will not only reduce the carbon footprint of your trip, but when you take a car or bus or, worse yet, the subway, you miss many details that make your local experience truly unique. Always ask the hotel how to go about it, and the no-go areas.
Reduce plastic consumption: Whenever possible, take you own refillable cup instead of ordering plastic bottles every time you need a sip. At restaurants, order your drinks “with no straws, please” - remember they do not want to offer straws, and it is a cost for them as much as it is a problem to the environment. If they get enough requests to avoid straws, they will gladly cut them from their service.
Find out what is unique about where you are and seize it: There is no point in going to a different place and doing something you could do back at home (yes, Big Mac I’m talking to you). Your trip can begin months before you visit the place - researching is a great way to anticipate the excitement, and it also lets you find out what is truly unique about where you are going. Look for the local alternatives instead of settling for the “safe” choices.
Be curious: Upon arriving at the destination - if the local culture allows for it- talk to a local, asking questions such as, “How’s [insert destination] these days? The weather?” Unless you have the bad luck of getting someone in a bad mood, you’ll be surprised by how much this small talk informs you about the place. Don’t be shy to ask about the idiosyncrasies of the destination, its history and what motivates residents. In general, locals are very proud of their traditions and cultures, and will be very happy and proud to share with you their views.

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