18 MAY 2018:  Donald Glover whom you may know from both his series "Atlanta" and his role as young Lando Calrissian in the forthcoming "Solo: A Star Wars Story," recently hosted "Saturday Night Live" has released a video under his ‘Childish Gambino’ musical alter ego and it is causing a great deal of comment.

Glover as rap/R&B performer Gambino won a Grammy this year for best traditional R&B performance for his song "Redbone" and premiered two new songs on "SNL," titled "Saturday" and "This Is America."

The video of ‘This is America’ bears watching – and really you need to watch it more than once. As much as you will focus on the shirtless dancing ‘Gambino’ watch the background for an intriguing sub-plot.

Directed by "Atlanta" director Hiro Murai, the video is surreal and laden with messages and metaphors for the viewer.

It’s a strong statement against gun violence in the US, and the intrinsic neglect and disregard paid to it as people are easily distracted by the entertainment in the foreground while ignoring the chaos and violence fully visible but relegated to the background.

This is worth watching. And once you have, check YouTube for the various interpretations. Fascinating.

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