W ith warm and engaging locals and a range of activities from riding horses across the beach, to ziplining across a lush jungle, or even just building castles in the soft sand at one of the island’s many family-friendly resorts, there are plenty of reasons to recommend Jamaica for a magical family vacation. Plus, Sunwing offers the largest selection of top-rated, family-friendly, TripAdvisor recommended properties that include exclusive perks such as Kids Stay, Play and Eat FREE deals, no single parent supplement fees, and more. 

Take a walk on the wild side

Jamaica is known for its warm and laid-back attitudes, and for being a natural paradise filled with exotic plants and animals; meet exotic birds at the Animal Farm and Nature Reserve where you can also embark on a tour to learn about some of Jamaica’s traditional medicinal plants such as ginger, which used to treat upset stomachs. Or, head to Hope Zoo to visit larger creatures like lions and mongooses. And, both budding and established equestrians will love the Chukka Horse Ride & Swim—where guests can explore the backcountry and then take a dip while still saddled up.

 Memories that last a lifetime

One of the best parts of a family visit to Jamaica is the forever memories that can be created for adults and children alike—the activities that will be framed and recounted again and again over the years. One of the most popular places to visit is Dolphin Cove, where visitors can get in the water with these majestic creatures and actually touch their smooth skin and they zip by. In addition to communing with the dolphins, visitors can snorkel with stingrays, try glass-bottom kayaking, or visit with other birds and animals on the jungle trail.

 Adventure in famous mountains

In addition to pristine beaches, Jamaica’s spectacularly lush mountains provide the ideal backdrop for adventurous excursions—whether families are looking for a challenge or to quietly explore at a leisurely pace. Take a chairlift up to Mystic Mountain Sky Explorer and Bobsled and take in the beauty of a rainforest, then hop on a bobsled roller coaster that winds through the forest or zipline across the green canopy. Those who prefer to stay on the ground can try a Chukka ATV Safari through the island’s unspoiled backcountry, following dirt trailed that wind past old colonial estates and exploring local communities. Or, with older children, try a Blue Mountain Bicycle Tour, following hillside trails and stopping to swim in refreshing waterfalls.

 What’s more, Sunwing offers numerous flights to multiple destinations in Jamaica on a weekly basis, making this exciting destination very accessible and great for long or short stays.

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