25 JAN 2018: Tourism Toronto says a record 43 million people visited the city last year, spending more than $8.8 billion. It says domestic travellers visit Toronto more than any other Canadian city, with two-thirds of people visiting the city from elsewhere in the country.

The industry association says the numbers represent a 3.6 percent and 9.1 percent bump over 2016 respectively.

Meanwhile, Americans accounted for 2.9 million of the city's tourists and spent $2.6 billion while there.

Tourism Toronto says the more than 2 million travellers from overseas spent over $2 billion in 2017; a record.

The association also says the number of tourists visiting Toronto from China has more than doubled over the last five years.

In 2017, nearly 320,000 Chinese tourists visited the city; the most from any country aside from the US and Canada.

The UK, on the other hand, sent over slightly fewer visitors in 2017 than 2016; 263,000 compared to 279,000 the previous year. But the five-year trend for British visitors is still on the upswing, with 32 percent more Brits visiting Toronto in 2017 than 2012.

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