S eaWorld’s new “From Park to Planet” campaign is an extension of the bold new three-year strategy the company embarked on starting in March of 2016 to move away from animal entertainment towards “experiences that matter”. (VIDEO)

It’s a great embodiment of our strategy which is focused on entertaining our guests and helping them understand that they are making a difference in the world by coming to our parks.

Each guest’s visit to our parks helps SeaWorld continue our work and our mission to save our planet, including $10 MILLION in donations and in-kind services every year for animal rescue and conservation efforts. SeaWorld’s conservation efforts are helping to save coral reefs and keep our ocean clean. More than 31,000 stranded, ill or injured animals like sea turtles, sea lions and dolphins have been given a second chance at life thanks to our animal rescue efforts.

From park to planet, we act so that we can continue to inspire others to act to help protect our oceans for future generations.

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