R iviera Maya is filled with plenty of opportunities for ultimate relaxation, but it’s beautiful and diverse tropical landscape make it an adrenaline junkie’s paradise. From the treetops of majestic forests to the hidden cenotes of lush jungles to the colourful creatures inhabiting the coral reef, the adventure and exploration seem absolutely endless. With a different eco-system to discover every day, a vacation in Riviera Maya is destined to be unforgettable.

There are so many offered excursions that the task of choosing the most exciting and safest ones to fit a vacation can feel overwhelming. Luckily, all Sunwing Experiences have been methodically selected by local experts and carefully vetted for their value, quality, and safety. Get ready to experience paradise ziplining across treetops, ATVing through the jungle, and diving the depths of crystalline waters.

By Air

Is there any better way to take in the incredible landscape of Riviera Maya flora and fauna, than by flying across the jungle canopy on the longest and fastest zipline in the area? After enjoying amazing views and traversing the thrill-inducing zipline course, your heart won’t stop racing as you rappel deep into the Mayan jungle and discover limestone bedrock that has given way to underground natural pool of water. A fantasy like setting, swimming or snorkelling in this mystical river cavern is a unique adventure and a perfect way to cool off.

By Land

For a day of endless thrills, a chance to explore the jungle and its hidden secrets in Riviera Maya is an adventure that surely won’t disappoint. The jam packed expedition begins at a Mayan ranch in the heart of the rainforest before venturing into the longest underground river system in the world, the Sac-Actun, to explore otherworldly caves. The journey continues with snorkelling in the Nohoch Nah Chich cavern and all terrain ride to a cenote, where you will be able have a relaxing swim or participate in a traditional Mayan purification ceremony.

By Sea

With coral reef weaving itself around the coast, Riviera Maya boasts renowned snorkelling and deep sea diving, but the biggest thrills can be found swimming with dolphins and gentle, yet intimidating whale sharks. Share an afternoon swimming with the friendliest animals in the sea, where you can get a kiss and hug from dolphins before you experience the foot-push and dorsal-tow activities. Or, if you need more excitement, swimming alongside the largest fish in the world will surely get the adrenaline flowing. The tension builds as you head out on a boat in search of whale sharks, but despite their appearance and name, these monstrous beasts feed primarily on plankton. So, you’re only worry will be to enjoy this one of a kind experience as much as possible.

Adventure and excitement lurk around every corner in Riviera Maya. For a vacation filled with breathtaking thrill rides, Sunwing Vacations is your trusted sidekick for the journey; helping book accommodations, flying you down to Riviera Maya, planning your adventures, and bringing you back home safe and sound.


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