10 AUG 2017: I am not in favour of dogs on planes. I don’t mean tarting them up in a little jacket and pretending they fulfil some kind of ‘emotional support’ function so they can ride in the cabin (and annoy other passengers) – that really should be a privilege reserved for seeing eye dogs (which really are service dogs and annoy no one). I am referring to following the rules, crating your pet and having them ride in the hold. Yes, it does have to be done sometimes, but unless there is absolutely no other alternate – leave Spot at home. Why? Well, if prize dogs can disappear forever (remember Vivi) so can your little guy.

And, United Airlines is yet again apologizing to the owners of dog who died in the cargo hold of a plane on a flight from Houston to San Francisco.

A United spokesman said Tuesday that the airline is reviewing the incident.

KTRK-TV in Houston reports that a local family says their 5-year-old Cavalier King Charles spaniel was on a flight that was delayed on the ground for two hours Sunday.

The Transportation Department says a dog died in June on a United flight from New Jersey to Florida. That's the only pet death on an airline reported for June. In 2016, nine animals died and 14 were injured on United flights, more than on any other US airline.

Then there are the ones that got free from their cages and disappeared…

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