09 NOV 2010: Dennis Gill, one of the founding fathers of this industry, died on Saturday. I knew and worked with Dennis for many years, and have always had an abundance of respect and affection for him as a businessman, a colleague and as a human being.

Dennis Gill personified decency and dignity. He was intelligent, gracious, courteous and had a lovely sense of humour.

For a generation of travel professionals who did not know him, Dennis Gill was part of the original Brit invasion. He was a leader and an innovator. With Len Nathan he founded and grew SunTours/Sunflight Holidays putting Caribbean and Mexican package holidays on the map.

Suntours also worked with Freddie Laker (later Sir Freddie) to make summer Translantic charters a fact of life for Canadian travellers.

Under Dennis Gill, Suntours nurtured such industry players as Colin Hunter, Reg Mendes, Ram Sud, Rolf Nielsen, Dale Pruden and numerous others I apologise for not mentioning.

Dennis Gill later founded Wayfarer Holidays which then became Fiesta, and was subsequently sold to Adventure Tours (Signature.)

To say he was “nice man” is to take nice out of the realm of bland and elevate it to good, decent, upright and respected.

I was honoured to be associated with him for many years.

Our condolences go to his wife Beryl, to his children and his grandchildren.

There will be a reception at Heritage Funeral Home, 50 Overlea Blvd., Saturday, November 13, 3-5 p.m. for friends and family.

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